Golden State Star Party

 GSSP 2020

Dear Friends,

This is the note that we were hoping to avoid.  But, as the old saying goes, the writing is on the wall.

Covid-19 has disrupted almost every aspect of our lives and our first priority must be the safety of ourselves, our families, and our communities.  Given the lack of good data about this pandemic’s likely effect over the next several months, we have to make conservative predictions, and thus assume that new infections will hit a peak in the period between late May and mid-June (and that’s if we are lucky).

That means our GSSP dates fall well within the projected infectious period and even though we may be past the peak, we are by no means out of the danger zone.

With many of our attendees at an “at-risk” age, and a surrounding community which has protected itself primarily by its isolation from the rest of the world, it is the committee’s opinion that holding this year’s event is untenable.

We know that we told some of you that we would hold off till May before making a decision, but the number of inquiries we have had, plus the need for some people to recover their registration fees during hard economic times has compelled us to act sooner.

Be patient as we issue full refunds.  All Paypal transactions will be refunded via Paypal, and checks will be cut for those who paid by mail.

If you wish, there is a donation page to help the Big Valley Endowment Foundation during these difficult times.  Please consider donating all or part of your refunded registration fees by clicking on this PayPal link .

Although GSSP’s 2020 event in Adin will be cancelled, we will keep you informed about other alternatives taking place later this year, once we know with certainty that there are any alternatives.  We appreciate your understanding, and possibly your forgiveness, but we believe cancellation is the only responsible option.

Best regards,

The GSSP Organizing Committee