I’ve registered for GSSP. May I decide to bring another adult later?
Yes you may, but registration will close on June 10. Just register them as you did yourself. You may also contact us about onsite registration for your guests.
Will it be safe to leave telescopes set up at all times?
Absolutely. The observing site is on private property and is completely safe. Except during a modest public night on the third night of the event, only registered attendees and our vendors will be allowed on the telescope field.
What time can we arrive and set up our equipment?
The gate will open at 9:00 on Wednesday morning. No one will be allowed onto the property until then.  There is an advance setup team who will be on the property beginning Tuesday. Only members of the advance team will be allowed on the field prior to 9:00 Wednesday morning.
How far is the telescope setup area from the campground?
You may camp or park next to your equipment. There is plenty of space.
Can RV’s park in the observing areas?
Yes. RV’s are welcome, and will be parked in the south side and west perimeter of the field. Our GSSP volunteers will guide RV’s to their parking area as we wish to avoid the jumble of vehicles that has occurred in the past. RV’s are vehicles over 20′ in length. However, Sprinter Vans (which are just over 20′) are considered vehicles and may park in the camping area as long as they are placed with consideration of your neighbors’ field of view.
Is there water on site?
No.  Please bring enough water for your party.  Most attendees pick up a few 2.5 gallon jugs and that suffices.  Additional water is available at local stores, as well as from the tap in front of the Adin Forest Service office (508 S. Main Street).
Can I have lights on in my RV at night?
Yes, dim ones, with proper shielding to prevent light from being visible outside the RV. One method of shielding light is with Reflectix carefully taped over the windows using Gaffers Tape. Both are available at Orchard Supply Hardware. Care should also be taken to turn off interior lights before going in or out of the RV after dark.  We had problems last year with some RV owners’ interior lights; this year they will not be tolerated.
Can I use my laptop computer at night?
Yes, with proper shielding. Many people place the laptop in a cardboard box, with the opening to the side toward their telescope. This helps prevent others “off-axis” from your computer seeing it. Even more important is to shield the laptop screen with a layer or two of dark red or gray plastic, held on with Gaffers Tape. Plastic is inexpensive and easy to have cut to size at companies such as Tap Plastics. The key is to prevent any light “leaking” out the sides – which is done with the Gaffers Tape, and to have the red plastic dark enough.
Can I bring my pet?
We will be strictly enforcing our rules regarding pets. You can bring your pets, but we will not tolerate any failure to respect our leash requirements, our sanitation requirements, and our noise rules. Please see the rules and guidelines section for specifics.
Can I bring a BBQ?
Please bring only camping type stoves or grills. There are no open fires allowed, including BBQs.
Can I bring a generator?
We will have a battery charging station running each day. You may also bring a personal “whisper” generator. We ask that night-time generator users set up at the periphery (this will be designated) and have the generator located 50 – 100 feet away from the campsites.
You will need a long extension cord.
I’m staying at a local motel. Can I drive in and out at night?
There is no driving in and out of the event at night. This is a dark sky event and we wish to avoid unnecessary exposure to nearby headlights. Also, it’s not safe to drive on this property at night and for that reason alone, all observers must be onsite by twilight and may not leave till dawn.  Observers may park along the road, and walk in to the observing field.
Can I use a Green Laser pointer?
No green lasers will be allowed at GSSP. There are no exceptions.