Rules and Guidelines


If you read only one section of this document, read this one!!! Fire safety is our #1 concern and everyone must adhere to the following:
  • Only propane camp stoves and propane BBQ’s are allowed. All of these stoves must be set upon a sturdy table or tailgate.
  • No open fires!
  • Respect the non smoking areas
  • Smokers must be aware of safety while disposing their cigarettes. Small containers are being handed out at the gate. These can be filled with an inch of water and used to extinguish cigarette butts. A soda can will work equally as well.
  • Park only in designated areas and not in any area with tall grass which could potentially spark fires.
  • Anyone disregarding our fire safety rules will have their registration refunded and will be asked to leave.


  • Dogs may not roam free during the event at any time.  They must always be on a leash while on Frosty Acres property.  The only exception are the Frosty Acres Working Dogs who are trained cattle dogs, show up infrequently, and do not require a leash.
  • Dog owners must clean up after their pets.  Remember that people are walking around the grounds at night and are not able to easily see where they are stepping.
  • Dog owners must take necessary steps to keep their dogs quiet during sleeping hours. Sleeping hours at a star party are from 12:00 AM till 10:00 AM.
  • Dog owners who cannot follow these rules will be warned once.  If there is any continued problem after that, they will be asked to leave and will be given a pro-rated refund.
  • Dogs who cannot follow these rules will be given a treat and called a “good boy” while we go look for his owner.

General Astronomy Rules

  • Quiet hours at the campsites are from 12 a.m. until 10 a.m. Please respect your neighbors’ sleeping and observing habits. Many people stay up all night observing and could use some quiet in the morning.
  • Flashlights should only be used with red filters.
  • Laptop screens must be shielded with red plastic.
  • No white light after sundown, except for emergencies;
  • The use of green laser pointers is prohibited.


  • Speed limit on site is 5 mph!   Use 1st gear and just idle along.
  • All types of vehicles are welcome at the observing site.
  • Vehicles may drive in and out of the observing area during daylight hours only.
  • NO VEHICLE TRAFFIC AT NIGHT (except for emergencies).


  • “Quiet” generators, under 60db, are allowed for imaging rigs at night. Please locate them at the periphery of the imaging area at the north end of the star party site, and preferably away from other campers. Bring a 100-200 foot extension cord in order to locate the generator as far away as possible from other observers. Make sure you clear the ground of any grass or burnable material before starting the generator. See the site map and note the area for imagers with generators.
  • RV owners may run their generators and AC during the day after 10am, but no later than 10pm. We really wish to maintain a quiet atmosphere for our attendees. Noise control has always been a challenge, so we ask for your cooperation.
  • Individuals may use their portable generators during the day for charging batteries. GSSP will also provide a battery charging station.

Public Night

  • There will be a modest public night on the third night. Please extend your usual courtesy to our visitors and please refrain from using green laser pointers.


  • All attendees are responsible for policing their own trash. We ask that everyone be responsible by cleaning up after meals and after tearing down the campsite. Volunteers will have plenty of trash bags on hand.
  • Hopefully, we will have recycle bins for your glass and tins.