Camping, RV’s, and Hotels

RVs are welcome and popular at GSSP, but there are no hookups. There is plenty of room, good highway all the way there, and easy drive-in access. It is recommended you read the Campsite Preparation section below, as some of it will still apply to RV attendees.

Offsite accommodations are available in the nearby towns.
We recommend “The Last Resort” in Adin. (530)299-3300

If you are camping, read the section on campsite preparation.

You will need to keep the sun off your tent in order to be comfortable. Make sure to read our page on shading tents.

Aluminet is a great lightweight and easy to transport product for providing shade.  We recommend the “70%” variety.

An EZ-up Canopy itself or in combination with Aluminet provides good shade when you are outside your tent.

Make certain to not buy flimsy canopies.

Cheap canopies do not stand up to wind, and our observing site is know for its gusty afternoon breezes.