The elements (important)

Bring your own shade. There is no shade on site other than the community tent. Your campsite will need a large umbrella or sturdy EZ-Up canopy. Tent campers need to shade tents from the morning sun.

Typical afternoon breezes occur at most large star parties due to the openness of their terrain. Stake your tent and canopy, and your telescope if it is lightweight or “windmills”. These same breezes make for great kite flying – your kids (and you) will love it – but bring a strong kite!

Sun protection – make certain during the day you are prepared. Sun block and a hat are highly recommended.

Temperatures can be chilly at night, even in the middle of summer. Prepare by having multiple layers you can put on. The best advice is to keep adding layers before you get chilled.

Bugs? We did not have a problem in prior years, but it is best to be prepared with some repellent.

Here is the National Weather Service page for Adin, and historical data for temperature and precipitation.