Frosty Acres Beef

Each year, a number of people express interest in ordering grass-fed beef from our hosts at Frosty Acres Ranch. Although GSSP is not in the food business, we’ve all had a chance to sample our hosts’ fine product and we are happy to pass along their offer to make their beef available to GSSP attendees on a pre-order basis.

Frosty Acres’ minimum order is a 1/4 beef, that can be delivered to you packed and frozen at the event; all ready for transport home. Now, 1/4 beef may be too much for you; and this is where we come in . . .

Feel free to visit our Facebook page and post your desire to split an order with someone else. Then, between the two of you, contact us at and we’ll forward your request. We hope that this offer works for those who requested it and others who may be inclined to participate; feel free to contact us if there are any questions.